Eliminate the Mold in Your Home

You can depend on us for mold remediation services in Miami, FL

Extended mold exposure can lead to serious health issues. When you have mold in your home, you need mold remediation services fast. Water Restoration Guys in Miami, FL provides both residential and commercial mold remediation services. You can trust our dedicated team when you have a mold problem, and we'll do everything we can to eliminate every trace of mold of your property.

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Our mold remediation process

Have you spotted black spots around the edge of your roof, windows or walls? It's time to call the mold remediation pros. Our team will:

  • Demolish and remove impacted materials
  • Apply mold-killing treatments to get rid of mold
  • Ensure your space passes all necessary tests
We'll ensure your space meets all requirements for safe living. Once we're done cleaning your space, you'll be able to move back in. Contact us now for residential or commercial mold remediation services.